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The swingers lifestyle is ever growing and now, more than ever, South Africa has seen a large increase of people who is looking to join the lifestyle. In the past the lifestyle was conceptualized as cheating which is far from true since to belong to this scene requires a great amount of trust and confidence from both partners to prevent conflicts that otherwise could and will arise between them.

The increase of easy access to the net as well as more and more readily available material about the swingers lifestyle coupled with the blooming of websites, clubs and venues has enormously influence the lifestyle growth. Another fact that has contributed to the expanding of the scene is that, even though swingers main interest are sexual, there are slowly being separated from the pornographic industry which has nothing to do with the lifestyle sine we are not getting paid to engage in any kind of sexual activity we choose to and surely we are not looking to spread the word all over the net, on the contrary, swingers are always looking for privacy, security and safe environments and discretion is a must! and although there are people within the community that enjoy exhibitionism it doesn’t mean that we all want to be spotted in the act.

With that said the swingers lifestyle is not only a bout sex, it is a community who is looking to expand and explore their sexuality in ways that most want but few dare and that is what it set us apart from the rest. Everyone fantasize but not everyone will try to make those fantasies happen but we do and we make them happen.

Fell free to use Swingers SA blog and forums to explore and expand your own network and do share with us your tales, experiences and advise, good, bad or otherwise.

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